ActiveWeb is our tracking platform used to monitor all the assets installed with our IoT solutions. Standard features include event notifications and alarms, alerts, speed history, CANBus data, fuel data, driver behaviour, video alerts, maintenance reminders, fleet management, audit trail, asset state, routes, telemetry data and much more

This product has been designed for CANBUS enabled trucks and buses in addition to vehicle tracking and fleet management using logistic information, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and GSM communication. This solution allows our customers the ability to manage their fleet’s real-time performance and operating costs like fuel and idle losses. The intelligent event control allows users to manage their alerts specific to their business. Solution is built around fuel monitoring, driver behaviour, fleet utilisation, idling & stops, journey management and much more
This is a GPS 3G/HD dual channel video and telematics system, which can be fitted to any vehicle and offer video footage and telemetry data over GSM network. As it is hard wired to the vehicle the information is always available upon ignition live. The data can then be used to its full potential in mitigating responsibility of accident, cost associated with auto fleet claims, driver behaviour, accident analysis and reducing the ever increasing risk of fraudulent claims, through First Notification of Loss ( FNOL ). Available in 1 or 2 camera configuration. In vehicle CCTV versions offers from 2 to 9 camera solution.
This product has been launched in collaboration with GuardFreight Ltd., UK, a company dedicated to developing industry specific, cost effective solutions that provide security and monitoring solutions to the intermodal freight industry. The variant is called E-Containerlock which is a Conveyance Security Device ( CSD ) designed to provide physical security, monitoring, tracking and alerts to any freight conveyance utilising ISO standard locking gear. Works with ActiveWeb offering real-time information to our customers managing containers locally or overseas.