This is a GPS 3G/HD dual channel video and telematics system, which can be fitted to any vehicle and offer video footage and telemetry data over GSM network. As it is hard wired to the vehicle the information is always available upon ignition live. The data can then be used to its full potential in mitigating responsibility of accident, cost associated with auto fleet claims, driver behaviour, accident analysis and reducing the ever increasing risk of fraudulent claims, through First Notification of Loss ( FNOL )

Product Features

Consists of a base station with an integrated and one additional camera. Solution is also available in single camera. The integrated GPS-module analyses GNSS this way positions, routes and velocities can be monitored with high precision. The built in 3-Axis G-force sensors have three adjustable settings that enable the camera activation and subsequent video output and telemetry data. All data is also stored on an exchangeable SD Card. Additionally the modem safeguards the ability to transmit events and relate video/telematics data directly to our data center.The embedded battery also assures completion of all processes during a potential loss of power.

  • instant alert in for video retrieval
  • Instant email alerts of ‘High Level’ triggered events
  • Web-Enabled User Interface providing full HD quality video footage from cameras
  • Transmission of Speed, GPS position and G-Force data frequently sent to the 3G network
  • Accurately records Speed with GPS Data Recording at 10Hz (10 x second) as opposed to the industry standard of 1Hz
  • Highly accurate 100Hz (1000 x second) Sensors to detect Harsh Driving Events

Key Benefits

  • Auto – calibration of hardware, cloud based storage : no loss on footage
  • Detect unsafe driving and driver training needs – Alter driver behaviour
  • First Notification of Loss – Immediate Claim Intervention
  • Increased accuracy/admissible G-Force and GPS data required to defend or help mitigate Third Party claims
  • Prove innocence and what really happened
  • Track and log vehicle journey history. Vehicle usage optimisation
  • Significantly reduce Operational/Fleet insurance costs

Inputs ( options )

  • Connection to tracking unit for ‘nudge’ for a video request
  • Panic Button

Tracking applications available