ActivePRo CANAnother milestone achieved with the first fleet of customer vehicles fitted with ActivePro CAN. The solution suited for CANBUS enabled trucks and buses captures data (as allowed by OEM) along with GNSS (GPS/GLONASS) and driver behaviour information from the OBC (on board computer) installed in the vehicle.

Fleet owners now get real-time information directly from the vehicle including distance, fuel level, fuel consumption, engine speed, engine temperature, idling time & fuel, RPM, throttle position, handbrake, brake lights, driving hours and much more.

Other products available with ActivePro CAN include;

  • ActiveRoam – live tracking in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand and beyond
  • ActiveEye – 1 or 2 HD camera solution sending 14 sec. accident and Gforce violations over the cloud. Connected to ActivePro CAN to request Video on Demand
  • ActivePassport – evaluate fleet weekly for utilisation, driving hours, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and score, idling and KPI based indicators

Now available for customers in Malaysia and Singapore on a 36 month contract

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