“Since their debut in May 2015, Active Telematics has been true to its name and been busy in the background with the creation of new products and building a solid customer base.”

actively-tracking-1While everyone agrees that the year 2015 has been slow and challenging for many, Hardev Singh, Sales Manager of Active Telematics, has a very positive outlook for this New Year. According to him, some industries are currenty booming. Certain sectors like Oil and Gas, may be in decline, however, h states that this means that other industries will be on the up, “We see a lot of movement on the roads, people are interested in how to improve their businesses.” he says during our exclusive interview. The internet is also becoming a major tool in the transportation industry. Already known as IoT, or “Internet of Things”, many aspects of this sector depend on, and are growing with, the internet. “While Active Telematics does not get involved in the back or front end of this, we can see a lot of benefits here. Once the installation of the devices is done, everything is done over the air.” he explains. This means that the settings, controls and monitoring can be done from anywhere and by anyone with access. One key aspect of the use of The Internet is the fact that the data will be protected as IoT makes things tamper proof. Active Telematics sees a lot of potential in Malaysia as the users here currently don’t use the full spectrum of functions available to them when installing tracking device. For example, many are still hap with accuracy of 5 meters whereby the latest technology can be accurate as 2.5 meters with up to 10 seconds reporting intervals. Changing mindsets has been a challenge for the young company, which debuted at the 2015 installment of our expo.

As a newcomer, Active Telematics is happy with their achievements for 2015. It has been a year of base-building and securing the first customers. Currently, some 500 units are installed and the company has ticked off their first milestones set. Asked about their strategy, Hardev explains that “This year was crucial for us as we needed to understand the needs of our target market. There are many out there that can give you GPS tracking. However, we work in a different way. We give our clients customized solution, according to the specific requirements of each company..” Therefore, the company aims at reducing costs, increase productivity and to eliminate redundancies. Offerings from ACtive Telematics are to improve the service experience of customer’s customers. “We can be proud of ourselves as we haven’t had any major glitches in terms of service delivery to customers.” he beams. This is particularly interesting in view of the fact that they also offer cross border coverage.

Starting the new year with the launch of a number of products, customers can look forward to seeing solutions that will exceed the mere provision of a location on a screen.

Active Eye CCTV
Active Telematics in collaboration with Exeros Technologies Ltd, a company specializing in vehicle CCTV technology for large and commercial vehicles, have launched Active Eye CCTV in Malaysia. According to Hardev, there will be a range of advanced security systems aimed at the bus and heavy-goods fleet market in Asia.

The products has had an unprecedented response from the UK and European fleet markets, where insures now support vehicles that utilize CCTV technology and offer lower insurance premiums. It is early days for such acceptance of technology in our region, nonetheless the technology has arrived.

Here are some examples of how the system can improve businesses:
– Excellent post-collision analysis. No witnesses needed. Everything around the vehicle is recorded for up to 30 days. (Legal requirements in different countries may still require eye-witnesses)
– Individual driver improvement and behavioral analysis
– Driver protection whereby drivers in Europe may now refuse to drive UNLESS they have a CCTV system on their large vehicles.
– Huge savings for fleets on insurance and accident payouts by the fleet – 96% reduction has been achieved by many customers.
– Enhanced driver visibility and eradication of all vehicle blind-spots.

Active Eye CCTV will supply recorder systems in 4, 8 and 16 channel options, enabling the company to protect any type of vehicle from a small van or mini bus to large coaches and HGV’s, Active Telematics promises that they will also include the latest ‘Hybrid’ systems that have the capability to record in HD resolutions.

Accompanying the solution will be a fully automated cloud-based accident management platform that records from cameras around the vehicle and auto -uploads the video to the cloud in the event of an accident, incident or near miss. Once uploaded, the cameras score events based on the level of risk presented within the video. This helps fleets to recognize which drivers are the most dangerous and therefore more likely to have an accident in the future. The predictive model used is so accurate that it has successfully predicted three accidents in three months from high-risk drivers during trials with an international client.

actively-tracking-3Taking benefit of our ActivePro CAN solution which adds vehicle specific information to the Active Eye CCTV system making it the most comprehensive monitoring system available.

Active Telematics plans to release three new systems following increased demand in Europe, which would follow into Asia later in the year. For example, there will be an ‘intelligent’ camera solution that will detect if people approach the vehicle and hide in or under vehicles while they are parked. The same camera sensor will also detect if cyclists or pedestrians are in close proximity to a large vehicle when it is maneuvering in such accuracy that it can calculate the angle of approach and allow for automatic brake activation of the vehicle to avoid accidents.

Fleets using this platform immediately see the benefit once the systems are installed – on average, the lowest scoring 20% of drivers within a fleet are directly responsible for around 70% of the fleet’s accidents according to studies conducted by clients.

Bus fleet operators now have the tools to monitor flagged drivers and offer training to improve their driving styles. This improves the fleet safety record and allows the company to make substantial financial savings, thereby paying for the installation costs within the first 3 months of operation.

First fleet of buses with this solution can be seen in Malaysia from August 2016.