guardfreightGuardfreight Worldwide Ltd., the UK based company dedicated to developing industry specific, cost effective solutions that provide security and monitoring solutions to the intermodal freight industry. It is the aim of Guardfreight through these products to be able to reduce the estimated $80billion losses the freight industry experiences every year due to theft.

The core of the Guardfreight product line up is the E-Containerlock. This product with its adapters and variants can be fitted in seconds to almost any freight transportation type, to provide an audit-able, monitored solution for freight movements with alerts for any exceptional events.

Guardfreight recently appointed Malaysian loT based technology company Active Telematics Sdn. Bhd., to offer E-Containerlock under their active container solutions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam fully supported by their active roam global sim card and deliver information to end users on the active web and active mobile applications.

Active container solution is designed to provide physical security, monitoring, tracking and alerts to any freight conveyance utilising ISO standard locking gear. It conforms to normal business practices and fitting and operation requires no special adaptations or practices. it prevents any unrecorded entry to the container or trailer via well known weak points in the container designs and locking procedures. With the active roam global sim card data is delivered to end user in real-time across Asian roads and sea ports. Data is programmable to ensure battery life exceeds the journey time for the container.